Spotlight: Blue Sea Development

TIME Magazine features Arbor House, built by Active Design Verfied development partner, Blue Sea Development.

By the time he was 27, Luis Giuria, a South Bronx native, weighed 400 lbs. But he has lost nearly 200 pounds thanks in part to living in Arbor House, a low-income housing project that emphasizes active design, an increasingly popular style of architecture that’s meant to encourage physical activity [...]

Now 30, Giuria has continued to lose weight–he’s almost down to 200 lbs. by running and playing alongside his wife and three kids. ‘This will make it second nature to them to be healthy,’ he says. ‘It won’t be foreign to them like it was for me.’

For more information on Arbor House, click here.

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    Luis Giuria, resident of Arbor House, tells TIME Magazine that moving to the Active Design housing project has helped him lose nearly 200 lbs. and instill healthy habits in his children. Photo: Ian Allen/TIME.