Aria Apartments

Aria Denver - 1st Phase
Denver, CO
80,494 sqft
Multi-family Residential (85 units ranging from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom)

Year and month completed:
February 2016

Project partners:
Developers: Urban Ventures LLC and Perry Rose Company
Architect: OZ Architecture,Michelle Kaufmann Studio, Humphries Poli Architects
Contractor: Hyder Construction (Townhomes) Palace Construction (Apartments)
Landscape: Wenk Associates
Structural Engineer: Enayat Schneider Engineering
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: MDP Engineering Group
Civil Engineer: Vision Land
Project Partner for Cultivate Health: Regis University

Project Summary:

A pioneering project that is part of Active Design Verified, Aria Denver is a planned community designed to promote health with features that include urban farms and easy access to amenities, public transportation, and biking/walking trails. The property embodies the ideals of community improvement and environmental stewardship that were imparted by the original convent landowners. Aria Denver features varying typologies of housing to encourage a diverse mix of residents and offers amenities such as a community garden and fitness center that promote physical activity and social interaction.

The first phase of the development, consisting of 72 affordable apartments and 13 market-rate townhomes, opened to residents in 2013. An indoor fitness room located in the on-site community center is filled with daylight, providing direct views to an outdoor green corridor. Located in the space where traditionally a street would be located, the green corridor offers an accessible space for residents to sit, play, convene, and walk outdoors in a calm, restorative environment.

The on-site community garden is run by UrbiCulture Community Farms, a local farming organization that sells fresh produce at a pay-as-you-can farm stand close to the Aria Denver community. According to Susan Powers, president of Urban Ventures LLC, the community garden has been very popular in providing healthy food to local residents and in getting kids to have fun picking vegetables while learning about nutrition.

To further support active lifestyles, sheltered outdoor bike storage is conveniently located on the ground floor of apartment buildings and community center to encourage cycling within the development. Beyond the Aria site, residents can also cycle to the nearby Clear Creek Bike Trail. As walking and cycling become a more popular means of transportation in the neighborhood, supportive bike and walking infrastructure is expected to grow on adjacent corridors with clearer way finding systems, bike lanes, and the construction of a 3.7- mile walking trail connecting Regis University, Aria Denver, and Zuni Park.

The site’s close location to Regis University fosters a unique exchange of knowledge and resources within the community. In 2014, Regis University and Aria Denver partnered to donate 300 bikes to nearby Beach Court Elementary students and installed bike racks at their school. Given the ample support and enthusiasm from residents, community organizations, and local institutions, the Aria neighborhood will experience incremental changes that will collectively enhance the health and wellness of its residents.

Active Design Highlights:

  1. An indoor recreation space with exercise equipment is provided that is accessible by all building occupants.
  2. Indoor bike storage is located on the ground floor of the apartment building and community center.
  3. An outdoor green corridor is provided that includes well-lit pedestrian paths and barbecue facilities.
  4. A kitchenette in the community center is provided for use by all building occupants for activities such as healthy cooking classes.
  5. Open stairwells visible from the sidewalk feature windows and skylights that provide ample daylight.
  6. On-site community garden provide space for inter-generational physical activity and increased access to fresh and healthy foods.

For more information, please visit the Aria Denver site.

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    According to Susan Powers, president of Urban Ventures LLC, the community garden has been very popular in providing healthy food to local residents and in getting kids to learn more about nutrition. Photo courtesy of Perry Rose.
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    Communal spaces within Aria Apartments invite resident participation. Photo courtesy of Perry Rose.