Catalyzing Engagement in Active Design

As leaders and experts in Active Design, a critical focus of our work is sharing our knowledge base with other practitioners and civic leaders. By doing so, we motivate others to prioritize health within design and development decisions and grow the community of professionals working to create healthy communities.

CfAD staff and leadership are repeated invited participants of conferences, workshops, and other professional events related to design and the built environment. Professional speaking engagements cover wide-ranging subjects including, health in the workplace, designing cost effective and healthy affordable housing, fostering civic engagement in communities, and leveraging hospitals to catalyze community development.

Over the past five years, CfAD leadership and board members presented at over 200 events, reaching nearly 15,800+ professionals.

Past Highlights

Press Highlights

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    Executive Director Joanna Frank discusses "Connecting Community to Wellbeing" at the 2015 Colorado Health Symposium.