Gerding Edlen: 5MLK

5 MLK, a mixed-use, multifamily residential and workplace development in Portland, Oregon is the first project of its kind to target Fitwel certification. The property has earned Design Certification with a 1 Star Fitwel Rating and anticipates Built Certification in Q3 2020.

Project Summary:

5 MLK is a highly sustainable mixed-use development currently under construction and located at the east end of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon. It is the first project to achieve Fitwel Design Certification for the multifamily residential portion, comprised of 220 apartment units, as well as for five floors of commercial office space and ground floor retail. The building will also earn LEED Gold certification and is Salmon Safe certified.

Standout Strategies Supporting Residential & Commercial Occupant Health:

Biophilic design is a defining feature of the project. Roughly 35% of all outdoor surfaces will be planted with greenery, including a series of cascading terraces planted with drought-tolerant species that mirror the Pacific Northwest landscape. Interior amenity spaces will include a variety of natural materials, operable windows provide outdoor views and fresh air, and sliding doors on amenity floors lead to inviting outdoor spaces.

Healthy food access will be supported via a planned CSA program that will feature fresh produce, herbs, and flowers for residential and office tenants.

Access to outdoor spaces will be supported by areas for social interaction, heavily planted terraces, and proximity to the Eastbank Esplande, a 1.5-mile multipurpose trail.

A fitness center will feature exercise equipment, a yoga studio, and locker/shower rooms, as well as complimentary wellness programs for apartment residents.

Alternative transportation amenities will include a 300+ space bicycle garage for commuters and residents, a bike workshop including bike maintenance and washing stations in addition to dedicated locker rooms and showers for commuters.

Wellness rooms will include two quiet rooms for private use as well as a small, private refrigerator available for nursing mothers.

Healthy indoor environments will be supported through healthy building material choices, as well as rigorous green purchasing and indoor air quality policies.

Why Gerding Edlen Became a Fitwel Champion:

With “People, Planet, and Prosperity” as a core value of Gerding Edlen’s real estate development and investment management strategy, becoming a Fitwel Champion was a natural progression in their green building journey to enhance their portfolio’s social impact goals. A long-time leader in sustainability, Gerding Edlen sees health and wellness as a critical link in further engaging tenants in sustainability initiatives. As a comprehensive and scientifically-based standard, Fitwel supports Gerding Edlen’s commitment to providing tenants with healthy and sustainable workplaces and residences. In addition to achieving certification at 5 MLK, Gerding Edlen has achieved twostar certification for Zo, a new multifamily property in Oakland, and is currently working on a project in Boston.

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