Healthy Housing Index

The Center for Active Design’s Healthy Housing Index identifies design and operations strategies for multifamily affordable housing properties that support resident health.

The index consists of 45 evidence-based strategies across eight categories. Registered users of the Healthy Housing Index receive access to an interactive scorecard available through an online digital tool. Meeting, or exceeding, the minimum achievement score for the Healthy Housing Index is required in order to receive documentation and qualify for Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards™ program. For more information or to register a building, please visit our website or contact

About Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards™

Fannie Mae’s Healthy Housing Rewards™ program provides an interest rate discount to multifamily affordable borrowers that invest in the health and well-being of residents. Qualifying properties must meet or exceed the minimum achievement score of 90 points under the Center for Active Design’s Healthy Housing Index, as well as other affordability requirements defined by Fannie Mae.

The first phase of the Healthy Housing Rewards initiative will provide a pricing break for borrowers who incorporate healthy design features that promote improved indoor air quality, community gardens, playgrounds, and exercise equipment for newly constructed or rehabilitated affordable rental properties.

To explore how your project or deal can take advantage of Fannie Mae’s exciting new Healthy Housing Rewards™, please contact one of Fannie Mae’s Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS®) Lenders.

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    Outdoor fitness equipment at Prospect Plaza, Brooklyn, New York. Courtesy of Blue Sea Development Company.
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    Resident in community garden. Photo courtesy of Vitus Group.