Research to Action: Building Health for All® in the Face of COVID-19

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In the face of COVID-19, real estate professionals, designers, and other decision makers are urgently requesting guidance on how to adapt their projects and portfolios to respond to the unique challenges presented by the pandemic. The Center for Active Design, operator of Fitwel is preparing content to respond to this demand, using the best available evidence to date. Chapters will be released on a rolling basis. As the scientific evidence base around COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will update this material periodically to reflect emerging findings.

Your feedback is appreciated— please reach out to to with comments, questions, and insights for future updates.

Now available:

  • Chapter 1: Leveraging Buildings to Mitigate Viral Transmission | Download
  • Chapter 2: Building Trust in the Workplace | Download
  • Chapter 3: Addressing Mental Health Within Residential Settings | Download
  • Chapter 4: Optimizing Density for People | Download
  • Chapter 5: Addressing Health Disparities in the Built Environment | Download
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