Stand Up to Work Study

The Stand Up to Work study, funded by the American Society of Interior Designers Foundation, is a collaborative project of the Center for Active Design, Perkins+Will, Steelcase, and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Stand Up to Work evaluates behavior changes in office workers who receive adjustable workstations that allow them to shift between standing and sitting, compared to workers with standard desks. This project represents an important contribution to the growing research base on the health and wellness impacts of Active Design elements in workplace settings.

Progress to date:

  • Developed a research methodology that uses real-time polling and questionnaires to track office workers’ health and wellness. Data collection captures measures of sedentary behavior, perceived stress, and ongoing behavior changes.
  • Installed adjustable workstations at Perkins+Will's Atlanta office
  • Collected data before the installation of the adjustable workstations, and at 2 and 6 months following installation
  • Received a funding extension for another round of data collection at 12 months, to determine if observed trends persist after the novelty effect of the active workstations wears off

Stay tuned! Project partners look forward to publishing study findings in the coming months.

  • ASID Icon Blog - Behind the Scenes in Research: Insights from the Research Team
  • ASID Press Release: New Study: Use of Standing Desks in Workplace Linked to Increased Productivity, Improved Health


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    The Stand Up to Work Study is investigating the impact of adjustable workstations on employee well-being, with funding from the 2015 Transform grant.